Bore Da from Bronwyn

It is early morning here in Wales…and the Trans-Plantable team of creators are all waking to get an early start on furthering the development of this multi-dimensional project coming together (after a very late night of working together)!  One could never have imagined the levels of complexities and details in realizing this vision: the creation of an outdoor, edible, living trans-national stage……that very much is growing together…..but one, that equally must consider and is dependent on being attune to our co-performers: the plants…..and how that is doing everything to change-up in the most visceral way any-and-all traditional approaches to theatre and performance… other words: many of the trans-plantings (including the moving of our set from garden to World Stage Design) cannot be done until the very last minute…..

And if you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Trans-Plantable Living Room this coming Friday and Saturday at WSD….keep a look out for sprouting puzzles, hot-and-spicy chandeliers, what emerges from the pages of books…and don’t forget to turn on the light…..!  Come for a cup of tea made with freshly harvested herbs from the garden……

It has been absolutely extraordinary having the entire creative teams together, now offering us the opportunity to ALL work with the growing/set building team of Riverside Community Gardens……where their and our jobs are being blurred every moment, as we butt up so nicely against the delineations of artist/gardener in this project……

Sitting together and sharing meals, made with freshly grown vegetables harvested from the Riverside Community Garden, I have had the wonderful opportunity of engaging in dialogue with Sam Holt, garden coordinator: comparing our experiences and dealings with my and his growing of particular plants…the similarities and differences between our respective situations and placements……and trying to brainstorm solutions on how to best resolve a problem with a particular patch of purple curly kale here in this Welsh garden….which by all accounts, seems to be about 3 weeks behind my Lasqueti Island garden in Canada (in maturing cycles)…..and through the shared experience of growing the same plants, we are able engage in a wonderful exchange…..literally sharing commonground!

The Show Must Grow On!