Something Magical Outdoors in the Middle of a Deluge…

We are reeling after a magical week of building, hosting and performing in the Living Room under the tree. Thanks to our incredible team in Cardiff for making it happen; your creativity, generosity, hospitality and patience have been truly remarkable. Particular thanks to our chief grower Sam Holt and creative builder Mark Terrett for holding things together, and the team at Riverside Community Garden: Dipak, Ying, Darren, Debs, Kate, Monica and Peter; Field Days Organics; Vegalive Aquaponics, Edible Landscaping and Adamsdown Community Garden: Polly and Becca in particular.

On Friday the rain fell, and then it poured. A few voices questioned whether the show should continue, but the call that  “the show must grow on!” won out and grow it did. Plantable’s three performers Moe, Bronwyn and Lisa adapted their show magnificently, and the plants in the space danced and gleamed. There is something magical that happens in a performance outdoors in the middle of a deluge. There is a sense of camaraderie that emerges between people who are enduring the elements together, sharing a tarpaulin and a hot pot of tea.
On Saturday the sun came out and danced around our tree. People turned out, intrigued, to wander around the space, sit, chat and drink tea. Children played peekaboo behind the wall of garlic and peered into the living landscape inside the TV; a woman brought her mother in a wheelchair and smelt the herbs. The performances were well attended and each time Plantable performed, I enjoyed it more, noticing little details about their movements.
Thanks to Nigel Pugh for the wonderful photos of Saturday’s performance.
We’re now preparing for a performance at Central School of Speech and Drama this Saturday, gathering plants from the gardens of London! If you know of anyone who’d like to get involved, let us know on

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