Bronwyn writes from her Lasqueti garden…

My favourite veggies to grow in my Canadian garden: Russian Kale, Orach and Cabbage!

I am busily and excitedly preparing to leave for the UK to literally get my hands dirty in Welsh soil (the land of my namesake)…while, my own garden — here in my wee entirely-off-the-grid island community of Lasqueti, off the west-coast of Canada – is bursting full of greens, towering beans, reddening tomatoes, kale, Swiss Chard, 10 foot long nasturtiums (yes!)…and sunflowers! It is ironic that I am leaving my own garden at the prime of harvest, to embark on a gardening project on the other side of the world…..but this is one of the aspects of this project that I am finding so incredibly exhilarating…where and how does the local, site-specific nature of gardening interface with the global? How, can I as a performer, interrogate these connections and dissonances? How comfortable is the fit between growing a zero-mile diet and a jet-fuelled miled diet to examine gardening from trans-national perspectives and how it related to climate change? I have so many questions and curiosities about this project and am excited to unearth them in Cardiff.

It has been such a rich opportunity to listen to the various recordings of interviews taken with Welsh-based gardeners…..and I have been delighting in learning what in the UK is called a courgette, here I call a zuchinni; a capsicum, I call a pepper; and a ladybird, I call a ladybug….just to mention a few. I eagerly await the sensation of Welsh soil under my finger nails….be it wet (from one of the wettest years in the past 20-30 years) or dry soil (from one of the hottest summers on record)…..
Growing with You and the Trans-Plantable Living Room,

Bronwyn Preece
Plantable Performance Research Collective